Peru Highlights Trip is introductory small group tour to Southern Peru, takes you on a fascinating journey of discovery, visiting many of the country’s most iconic sights. Experience Peru’s unique culture as you explore the famous Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and the Colca canyon. Peru Highlights Trip takes you to visit exotic Inca temples, splendid palaces, incredible wildlife and enticing cuisine, India promises to be a place you’ll never forget.

Explore a diverse land that combines the traditional and modern with surprise around every corner. At one side Peru Highlights Trip boasts of the immense Machu Picchu while on the other it enjoys miles of exotic Mountains. Every landscape will inspire and you’ll be welcomed by a culture of fascinating traditions and warm smiles.

The Peru Highlights Trip is a wonderful 12-day tour where you’ll enjoy fantastic places and great atmosphere; in this tour, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the city of Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, trek the Inca trail to Machu Picchu and visit the Lake Titicaca and Colca Canyon.  All of them in a comfortable tour and with experienced tour guide.

Our Peru Highlights Trip offers an intriguing combination of beauty and contrasts in scenery, wildlife and cultures or climbing the ancient trail of the Incas to Machu Picchu, situated in the heavens of the Americas. Because we run on our own treks, we can ensure the fair treatment of our porters and the quality of food and equipment so that you’re free to enjoy the beauty of the region.

Peru Highlights Trip

TIMING: 12 days and 11 nights.
ENDING POINT: Arequipa Hotel
TYPE OF TOUR: Trekking, Cultural and History.


The 12-day Peru Highlights Trip will show you the most attractive parts of South America. You will travel through the high Andes of Peru visiting the enchanting sites of the city of Cusco as the Sacred Valley of the Incas, hike the trail to Machu Picchu; then, you will visit the local families in the Lake Titicaca before you go to see the deepest canyon of the word: the Colca Canyon in Arequipa.

Peru is divided into three geographical regions: the coast, the mountain chain and the jungle. Each one has numerous activities suited to its particular climate and environment. The sand dunes of Ica are popular for dune buggies. Mountain bike and river rafting has become very popular among national and international tourists in recent years, and availability in Cusco. Rapids range in difficulty and there are rafting options from novices to experts.

Trekking has become the most popular type of adventure sport among tourists in Peru. This is because of the treks offered from Cusco to Machu Picchu, as well as trails in other parts of the country such as Arequipa.


  • Explore the city of Cusco
  • Full-day tour to the Sacred Valley of the Incas
  • Hike four days the Inca trail to Machu Picchu
  • Machu Picchu tour
  • Visit the Islands of the Lake Titicaca (Takile, Amantany and Uros)
  • See the deepest canyon of the world: the Colca Canyon.


  • The city of Cusco
  • Sacred Valley Tour – Cusco
  • Inca Trail to Machu Picchu – Cusco
  • Lake Titicaca Tour – Puno
  • Colca Canyon Tour – Arequipa.


  • In the following price is included 3-stars category hotel which we consider appropriated and very confortable hotel for Peru Highlights Trip
  • We have other options based on the hotel, type of train; the options are adapted to all budgets and THE PRICE IS PER PERSON. We gladly will assist you, write or please call Us.
  •  Price: $ 1,490 USD Per Person/ Group Service


Day 1:  Cusco

Arrival to Cusco at any time, we will meet you at the airport and transfer you to the designated hotel.

DAY 2: Sacred Valley

Full-day tour includes the visit of the Pisac Market and the guided tour of the Inca ruins at Pisac and Ollantaytambo.

DAYS 3-4-5-6: Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Trek the 45 km of well-preserved Inca Trail surrounded with splendid mountains scenery. The last day, we will start very early to see the sunrise at Machu Picchu.

Day 7: Puno

Enjoy the bus tour from Cusco to Puno.

Days 8-9:  Lake Titicaca

Discover the floating island of the Lake Titicaca, with overnight at Amantani Island.

Days 10 – 11: Colca Canyon

Explore the Colca Valley and watch the Andean Condors overflying the deepest canyon.

Day 12: Departure Arequipa

Departure from Arequipa at any time.


Day 1: Arrival to Cusco

Peru Highlights Trip

The city of Cusco – Peru Highlights Trip

The Peru Highlights Trip begins once you arrive to Cusco at any time; however, we must know your fly details; we will meet you at the airport and transfer to your hotel where you will have briefing about Cusco and complete review of your tour itinerary. Enjoy the city (optional city tour in the afternoon).

Cusco is the continent’s oldest continuously inhabited city; the city of Cusco attracts travellers who come not just to visit a unique destination but also to experience an age-old culture very different from their 20th century way of life; this lovely Inca and colonial town offers much to the visitor with its nearby ruins, cobble-stoned streets, museums, churches and lively atmosphere.

Our Recommendations:

  • Stroll through the Plaza de Armas and surrounding areas, where you can appreciate the work of the Cusqueñian artisan craft stores
  • Grab a bite at the famous Peruvian cuisine restaurants nearby or relax on the park benches of Plaza de Armas and then take a photo there for memories to last during the warm weather in the afternoon, despite the cold nights of Cusco
  • If you like the night around the square you will find many nightclubs and bars filled with tourists and locals who expect to have fun with good music and drinks.

DAY 2: Sacred Valley of the Incas

Peru Highlights Trip

Sacred Valley of the Incas – Peru Highlights Trip

For this tour, we will pick you up at 08:30 a.m from the hotel and travel toward the Sacred Valley of the Incas which was an important cradle of food for the Incas, the Sacred Valley is a lush of agricultural region that continues to supply the city of Cusco with much of its produce especially with corn and vegetables. Visit the extraordinary Inca ruins of Pisac and the colourful artisan market where you can purchase some handicrafts directly from the producers.

The day trip finishes in the picturesque village of Ollantaytambo, we will visit also the Inca ruins of Ollantaytambo that is known as the best surviving example of Inca urban planning and engineering. It is admired for its huge steep terraces guarding the Inca Fortress and for being one of the few places where the Spaniards lost a major battle during the conquest. We will spend the night in this small town before heading out for the start of the trek the next morning.

Our Recommendation:

  • We suggest suitable footwear, you will climb stairs with many steps. Bring a small backpack, camera; wear a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a water bottle.
  • In village of Pisac, do not forget to try the delicious empanadas, and purchase an artisan souvenir/memorabilia.
  • When you arrive to the town of Urubamba, Enjoy a delicious buffet lunch where we invite you to try the corn of Sacred Valley.

DAYS 3-4-5-6: Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Peru Highlights Trip

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu – Peru Highlights Trip

After breakfast, we’ll take the bus for one hour to Pisqhak’ucho or Km 82 where we will start the 4-dayInca Trail to Machu Picchu that is physically challenging but worthy, It is 45 km of distance, with 2 high passes to be crossed, one of which reaches an elevation of 4,200 masl (Dead woman pass) and 4,000 masl (Runku pass); the trail is often steep, and it may rain even during the dry season. The temperatures change constantly: during the day is dry hot (18°C to 26°C) and at night may fall below zero, so it is important to come prepared.

We will start the trek at km 82 the porters carry the majority of the gear for the trek in duffel bags that we provide, so those passengers doing the trek only carry a small daypack with water, rain gear, snacks, a camera, etc. We will pass several Inca ruins, the first of which is “Llactapata” (up city); “Pata Wasi” (up house), “Runkuraqhay” (round balcony); “Sayacmarka” (inaccessible town); “Phuyupatamarka” (town over the cloud) and “Wiñayhuayna” (Young forever).


The passengers who are not able or nor interested in the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu for spending 2 days in Cusco, and then you will travel by train to the town of “Aguas Calientes”, and the next morning you’ll take the bus to Machu Picchu entrance and join the group for Machu Picchu tour. If you decide to do not make the trek, we need to know prior to your departure in order to obtain train tickets.

Distances of the Inca trail:

Day 1: Km 82 to Llulluchapampa
Approximate distance: 15 km
Estimated hiking time: 7-8 hrs.

Day 2: Llulluchapampa – Chaquiccocha
Approximate distance: 15 km
Estimated hiking time: 7-8 hrs.

Day 3: Chaquiccocha – Wiñaywayna
Approximate distance: 10 km
Estimated hiking time: 5 hrs.

Day 4: Wiñaywayna to Intipunku (Sun Gate) – Machu Picchu
Approximate distance: 5 km
Estimated hiking time: 2 hrs

Day 7: Cusco to Puno

Today will be a fantastic journey through the Peruvian south lands, crossing the high “Altiplano”. You will visit interesting places and stop along volcanic hot springs. We will arrive in the afternoon at Puno, a small city located at the banks of the highest navigable lake of the world.

Days 8-9: Tour to Lake Titicaca & Bus to Arequipa

Peru Highlights Trip

Island of Uros -Peru Highlights Trip

After breakfast, we will transfer you to the Lake of the Port and board our comfortable and fully equipped, speed boat to explore the floating Island of Uros which is built with Totora that grows in the shallows of the lake; The Uros began their unusual floating existence centuries ago in an effort to isolate themselves from the Qollas and Inca tribes. Sadly, the Uros language has died out, and today the islanders speak Aymara due to intermarriage with Aymara-speaking clans.

Later we will visit Taquile Island with unique culture style of dress and lifestyle make for a memorable visit. The men of the community do all the knitting, as this is strictly a male domain, while the women do the spinning. High quality, locally knitted goods are available for purchase at various cooperatives on the island; we will share their conditioned house one night and the next day, we’ll return to Puno arriving there in the afternoon and in take 6 hours bus to Arequipa and have accommodation in the hotel.

Our Recommendation:

  • We suggest suitable footwear, you will climb stairs with many steps. Bring a small backpack, camera; wear a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a water bottle.
  • In the Uros Island, purchase an artisan souvenir/memorabilia.

Days 10-11: Colca Canyon Tour

Peru Highlights Trip

Colca canyon – Peru Highlights Trip

The tour to Colca Canyon starts at 08:30 a.m where we will travel through the high Andes to the small picturesque village of Chivay where there is a magnificent natural hot spring. The next day, early in the morning, we will continue the tour toward “LA CRUZ DEL CONDOR”, considered as the best place to enjoy the world’s deepest canyon and view the majestic condors over flying the canyon and then we return to Arequipa.

Our Recommendation:

  • We suggest suitable footwear, you will climb stairs with many steps. Bring a small backpack, camera; wear a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a water bottle.
  • In village of Chivay visit the hot springs

Day 12: Departure from Arequipa

Departure from Arequipa at any time.


  • Transportation: All scheduled transportations; all transfers.
  • Entrance Fee: For all the visited tourist places.
  • Meals: All Breakfast in the hotels and along the road: in the trail 3 breakfasts, 3 hot lunches, 3 hot dinners prepared by our professional chef. Meals include pancakes, omelets, soups, fresh fruits, avocado, pasta, chicken, fish, meat, rice, all rich in carbohydrates and suitable for trekking; hot drinks including coca leaf tea which is excellent for adjusting to the altitude. Teatime everyday (tea, coffee, biscuits, popcorn). We offer a vegetarian menu option
  • Guide & Porters: Licensed bilingual official Tour Guide; 2 guides over 8 people. Porters will carry both your personal items (6kg) in duffel bags (provided by Sunrise) and the
  • camping equipment for the Inca trail. You must carry your day-to-day packings such as your camera, snacks and some drinkable water.
  • Camping Equipment: We provide brand new 4 season four people capacity tents for two people, Thermal-a-rest, dinning room tent, kitchen tent, toilet tent, seats, tables, tent for the guides, tent for the porters, kitchen gear and backpacks, warm clothes and life insurance for the porters.
  • Accommodations: Based on double occupancy: 7 nights ***hotel, 1 night with a local family and 3 nights in camping tents.
  • Other Items: Local guide available for permanent assistance, first-aid kit, oxygen bottle.


  • Meals: All lunches and dinners except on the Inca trail. You should consider a budget from $15 to $25 USD for each meal in an average restaurant. We will assist you with all local matters
  • Sleeping Bag: You can rent it from us for $15 USD for the entire Inca trail trek.
  • Entrance to the thermal baths: $3 USD
  • Airport Taxes and tips for the staff.

Peru Highlights Trip FAQ’s

  Does your company pick up from airport on arrival? Is that included pick up and drop?

Yes, our staff will be waiting in the airport and will pick you up. We will be displaying our name card of “Sunrise Peru Trek” with your name on it, and when you finished you trip we will drop you to airport. Pick up and drop is Included in the bugged of the tour.

When is the best time to visit Peru?

Travelling at Peru will be best during the seasons from Mach to November. But according to the will of the travellers, the trekking and visiting Peru can be managed. The trekking at the high altitude should be done during the autumn and winter time or April to October but the trekking at the low lands can be done at throughout the year.

How difficult is trekking in Peru?

The trekking in Peru is one of the most interesting things that the visitors in Peru want to do. The trekking will take the visitors of Peru to different parts of Peru. Generally, trekking in Peruwill goes for about 5 to 7 hours per day in every trekking but the toughness of the trekking will differ from its grade. There are different types of trekking grading from the easy, medium, challenging and demanding. Normally in Trekking covers 2000 meters to 5,200 meters which has categories in various stage of grade the most popular treks are the Inca Trail and Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

How fit do need to be for trekking? Will I be able to do it?

It depends on you; if you’re reasonably fit and enjoy walking then trekking is certainly for you. Choose the trekking route suites your fitness level. Obviously shorter treks are easier then longer ones, longer and bigger treks require a better standard of fitness. If you are in good physical condition then you do not require any hiking experience for short trekking. But if you are planning for the longer ones then you should try some longer day hikes.

Does your company organize domestic flights, hotel booking and other services?

Yes. Since we are Cusco – Peru based company we refer to arrange your international flights from your home. But domestic flight ticket, Cusco city tour, and you accommodation will be included in our package; if you like to organize individually tour, can be organized according to your interest.

Do I really need guide?

While visiting to Peru, guides is almost mandatory to visit the archaeological sites in Peru for everyone; when you hired one your trip will lot more informative and memorable. You get lots of knowledge about country. But if the trekkers is well experienced and have visited at different places of Peru many times then s/he may not need guide. But the guide can play big role to make your tour. They will provide information about the tour destination along with its surroundings. Similarly, if any problems will arise during the tour, then the guides will solve it easily and it will be rather difficult for the travellers themselves to solve them.

 Is trekking and travel safe in Peru?

Yes Peru is safe to Travel. Safety during traveling in Peru is one of the prime concerns that every tourist or traveler want to know. In the past, Peru has experienced problems with terrorist; but now there is the situation of peace and tranquility in the field of trekking and tour as well as in whole Peru.

 Do I need insurance for travel and trek in Peru? Can I get it there?

You should buy medical and mountain evacuation insurance for trekking up 5000m. We suggest you buy insurance policy in your country. We don´t have mountain rescue insurance over here in Peru.

 What in case of altitude sickness?

Altitude sickness is one of the major problems while you will travel in high altitudes like Cusco. But there are certain measures that can be applied while traveling at the high altitudes which help the travellers to avoid the altitude sickness. Besides, if it will affect to any trekkers/ traveller then there are several provisions for the first aid and other medicines to recover. If the condition of the trekkers gets worst, then he will immediately transfer to the nearby hospitals.

 Do I need to bring First Aid Kit?

Our Guides carry a comprehensive medical kit. But you should bring your own personal kit and carry it with you when on the trek /tour. It should contain antiseptic cream, throat lozenges, headache pills, diarrhea treatment, re-hydration salts eg Dioralite, Lemsip.

 What currency should I bring to Peru?

We advise you to bring US dollars; it is always better to travel with US dollars.

 Does Peru have good quality banking facilities?

Peru has reasonable banking facilities having branches of some international local commercial banks almost all foreign currency along with credit card such as Visa and Master card are broadly accepted. ATM is widely available through Peru. There is some ATM in bigger town on treks; when you go remote area idea to carry enough cash. Some trekking area has bank and ATM, they might not be reliable.

How early should I book my trip?

We recommend you to book your trip in few month advances. Even you arrive and want to organize your trip we accommodate LAST MINUTE BOOKINGS. However, for Trekking like Inca Trail to Machu Picchu we need to reserve the permits so we highly recommend earliest is best for us.

What are your payment terms?

You need to pay 40% of total price as advance deposit to confirm reservation before arriving to Cusco – Peru and remaining balance of the payment shall be paid when you arrive to Cusco.

Peru Highlights Trip  Map

Peru Highlights Trip

Peru Highlights Trip map

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Tailored Itinerary, private guide & car for an unforgettable Trip to Machu Picchu

A tour to Machu Picchu is always enthralling, as you can have so many to explore in this Iconic Inca site. You can immerse in the mysterious Inca settlement or an old Inca temple. Experience the breathtaking views of the Andes in a trekking tour to the Inca Trail or other spectacular mountains in the Machu Picchu National Park…Cusco Tours online