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Booking Conditions



To book and confirm any programme for groups or individual clients, the following information is required and must be sent to us via our reservation form; Skype us to: sunriseperutrek or contact

  1. Full name as it appears in the holder’s passport.
  2. Passport number valid on the date of the trip being requested.
  3. Departure Date.
  4. Address and telephone number.
  5. Current email address;
  6. Nationality.
  7. Date of birth.
  8. Gender.
  9. Occupation.
  10. Dates and times of flights or arrival in Peru and Cusco.
  11. Medical or dietary restrictions.
  12. Any special interests regarding the service requested.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Please note that the program deposit is non-refundable. The deposit is used to purchase the ticket entrance to Machu Picchu and also for booking the train tickets and hotels. And once a space is purchased it cannot be resold.
  2. «Sunrise Peru Trek» will not give any refunds if a participant decides to cancel the trip prior to departure or during the trip.
  3. If «Sunrise Peru Trek» doesn’t confirm the reservation, your payment will be refunded totally.
  4. All participants have to carry their own backpacks, including sleeping bag and mattresses unless they booked an extra porter or the service includes porters, horsemen or mules.
  5. A participant must declare if he/she has any sickness or medical disorder and must bring his/her own medicines.
  6. All participants must bring their original passport and, if available, their original student card «ISIC».
  7. It is compulsory that all clients have personal travel insurance. This insurance must cover personal accident, medical expenses, loss of effects and all other expenses which might arise as a result of loss, damage or injury occurring to the client. «Sunrise Peru Trek» cannot be accounted for any accident or loss of personal belongings the customer caused by his/her own.
  8. In case force majeure occurs, like impossibility to operate the programme or trek due to unusual or unforeseen circumstances outside control like: extreme weather conditions, landslides, strikes not allowing operation or putting it at risk, sudden inaccessibility of route, etc. «Sunrise Peru Trek» will propose viable solutions to operate the program within the available dates, or if impossible, will then propose an alternative programme. If the alternative program chosen by the client is of lower value than that originally booked then the client is entitled to a refund of the price difference. All costs derived will be at the expense of the client. In case none of these would be feasible, «Sunrise Peru Trek» would refund all the money paid except all the incurred expenses so far.

Methods of Payment:

In order to deal with your reservation in a timely manner, we require a nonrefundable deposit of 40% of the total cost of the chosen program at the time of booking. All payments should be made to our bank account, or via the method of payment agreed upon at time of booking. The deposit can be sent by a WESTERN UNION or to our BANK ACCOUNT money transfer. This is the fastest and most secure form of payment in Peru.

The money transfer should be in the name of «SUNRISE PERU TREK TOUR OPERATOR E.I.R.L». Once you arrive in Cusco, you must pay the remaining balance in cash prior to beginning your tour. We accept both US Dollars and Peruvian Soles (local currency).

Make sure you always quote the invoice number that you have received from us. Please scanned and send us a copy by email; This will help us to track the payment and will be considered as proof of payment.


To make a payment by Paypal system click the button below, and complete the details for your operation:

2.- Western Union

You must send the payment with the name of our Agency Manager. With Western Union, you can send and get money quickly at any of our 117,000 agents or offices all over the world. Check on look for the nearest office of Western Union, ask for International sending cashier, then you will get a form and you have to fill it in.

  1. Complete the form.
  2. Ensure you get the form to fill it in.
  3. The payments are in American dollars and write the amount in letters.
  4. Then, write in numbers the amount you will send.
  5. Do not forget to fill in your personal information. Pay to the cashier the amount you will send plus the charge of sending. You will be asked to display your identification. Once the deposit is done, you will be given a bill that includes your MTCN: (Money Transfer Control Number).
  6. Send us an email indicating the amount you are sending and the MTCN, we will confirm the transference by e-mail, then we will proceed to make all the reservations.

We will send you an email confirming the transference and re-confirm your reserves.

3.- Banking Transference

It can be done at any bank, make the deposit with the following information:

  • Bank: «Banco de Credito del Perú»
  • Account number in dollars:
  • Name: Sunriseperutrek
  • The deposit must be sent under the name of «SUNRISE PERU TREK E.I.R.L» (you can print this page).

Afterwards send us a mail with the following information:

  1. Date and hour of the Payment
  2. Operation and transaction numbers.
  3. Displayed name
  4. Name of the bank where the transaction was done.

We will send a mail confirming the transaction and we will re-confirm your reserve as well.

Very important:

Bookings should be made as far in advance as possible; especially for the 4 day-Inca Trail is in high demand throughout the year and we recommend that you make your booking as soon as you have received our confirmation of availability.

Single Accommodation:

Prices are based on twin or triple room accommodation; a single supplement is available and single accommodation can be provided at an additional cost of US$25 per person per every night.

NOTE: If a passenger leaves the tour for any reason, any extra expenses are the passenger’s responsibility and the company shall not be liable for any refund.