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Viewpoint of Condors

$ 80 Price Per Person
  • All inclusive - From Hotel to Hotel
  • Small Group

Experience one day Chonta Tour with a Local Private Guide; all-inclusive Tour to the viewpoint of the Apurimac Canyon.

Chonta Tour is  a well-known tourist circuits to experience sightseeing tours to visit monuments, old aged temples, exceptional cultural heritage sites, scenic and flight of the Condor over the Apurimac canyon. Discover hill station for greatest view of Apurimac Canyon, the incredible landscape, countryside villages and the soaring of the Andean condors.

The Chonta Tour is suitable for everybody with no limitations for now, we have departure groups every day and all year around; during the tour we’ll visit the temple of the moon of the Incas at “Killarumiyoc” near the village of Ancahuasi. Our Chonta Tour  offer a great option to see natural and Cultural highlights of Cusco region; Cusco has its land of bio-diversity of geographical, an incomparable blend of high mountains, deep canyons and rich cultures. Cusco embrace the Salkantay mountain (6,271m) and several magnificent peaks over 6000 meters, rushing river, rolling terraced hills; lush, steamy tropics forest.

Guaranteed departures:

All departures for 1-Day Chonta Tour are guaranteed, so once you’ve booked you can be sure you’re going. This guarantee gives you the confidence to book all of your travel arrangements and simply look forward to your holiday.


One Day


Cultural - Adventure


Spanish - English


March - November

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One day Chonta Tour takes you to watch condors soaring in their natural habitat in the Apurimaq canyon near Cusco. It is remarkable scenery, beautiful nature, and great for birders. Join us on an unforgettable day journey to the reserve zone of Chonta at 3,400m, where you will witness the soaring of the majestic Andean condor (vultur gryphus) in his entire impressive splendor to the backdrop of terrific scenery.

The Andean condor is the largest flying land bird with a wing span of up to over three meters and a body weight of up to 15 kg. Although the Andean condor is largely a carrion feeder he may also prey upon newly born livestock or weak and sick animals. In Andean cosmology the condor is considered an “Apu”, the messenger of the gods who also transports the souls of the departed into the spirit realms. The condor represents the Hanaq Pacha, the outer and upper world, the cosmos as such.

  • The price of the tour does not include flights. You must buy your flight ticket.So, you’ll need to arrive to Cusco for the tour.
  • The Confirmation for 1-Day Chonta Tour, will be received when the tour booking is made.
    Passport name, number, date of birth, gender and country is required at time of booking for all participants.
  • Valid passport required on day of travel. (Expiration dates older than 6 months are valid).
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Child rate applies only when sharing with 2 paying adults.
  • Not wheelchair accessible
    Child seats or chairs available
  • Most travelers can participate in the experience.
  • Airport pickup and drop-off will be provided by arrangement with your flight information.
  • There will be a maximum of 12 travelers on the tour or activity Operated by: SPT Travel & Tours.

If our scheduled departure dates don’t work for you, or you would prefer not to travel with a group, then we can also run this tour privately for you. Please contact us for more information and prices.

Departure and returning Times for the excursion differs; it will be coordinated with your guide at the briefing time. However, the excursions include from hotel to hotel.


The tour includes a 24-hour airport meet & assists service in Cusco airport, your arrival and departure airport-hotel transfers and all other transfers.

We are committed to being a small group operator, as we feel this gives everyone in the group the best chance to get to know their fellow travellers and to hear and make the most of their guide. There’s no point in us providing great guides if you’ve got to peer over 30-40 shoulders to see them! So, we won’t ever put you in a 50-seater coach with 49 other people and just one guide. Instead, we set this 1-Day Chonta Tour group departure to have a maximum of 8 travellers. Average group sizes are around 6 people, lower during the low season (December- March.

Fully trained English-speaking Local guides are provided for 1-Day Chonta Tour and many of our travellers consider them a highlight of their tour. We also provide a fully trained English-speaking guide for any sightseeing tours.

It is important when considering and preparing to travel anywhere in the world that you have a good understanding of the country you are visiting, its laws and customs, and the possible risks and situations that may occur. This includes specific risks related to your itinerary (eg. does it involve water & can you swim, are you fit enough for the activities included), as well as more general risks such as natural disasters.

General details and links to more information about health risks, visa requirements, money, and travel insurance are given in these tour notes. We recommend that you re-read all these before your departure as well as the small print of your travel insurance policy so you know exactly what is covered and what is not.

You should take copies of your important travel documents with you and ideally also store them online securely as a backup. Make sure that you have given us your emergency contact details and told that person where and when you are travelling. Ensure you take enough money with you and that you have access to emergency funds.

While an accepted part of the culture and customs in Peru, tipping is always optional, and any amounts paid should reflect excellent service.

It is normal and accepted for people to tip differently, and you should not feel under any pressure to tip any particular amount. We are often asked for advice on common amounts however, and suggest that you consider around US$ 5-10 per person per day for guides, US$ 3-7 p/p/day for assistant guides or tour leaders, and US$ 2-5 p/p/day for porters and drivers.

1-Day Chonta Tour experience is non-refundable and cannot be changed for any reason. If you cancel it or request a modification, the amount paid will not be refunded. More information see at term & Condition.

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