1. “Sunrise Peru Trek” Tour Operator E.I.R.L. is a company registered in Cusco, Peru (Registro Unificado Mercantil Nº 20490681664).
  2. “Sunrise Peru Trek”Tour Operator is licensed by the City Council of Cusco to operate as a Tour Operator (Municipalidad de Cusco Licencia de Funcionamiento Nº 000430).
  3. “Sunrise Peru Trek” gets Authorization from The Regional Government and The Ministry of Tourism of Cusco to work as a travel agency in the category of “TOUR OPERATOR” Nº082A.
  4. “Sunrise Peru Trek” has a Membership certificate to the association of tourism Travel agencies of Cusco: AATC – CUSCO.
  5. “Sunrise Peru Trek” is authorized to take groups into the historic national park of Machu Picchu and The Inca Trail. This authorization is granted only to companies that fulfill the environmental control and ecology requirements dictated by INRENA, the state agency in charge of Machu Picchu. (Permit no. 126).

permits-certificates WHY CHOOSE “SUNRISE PERU TREK”

  1. “Sunrise Peru Trek” is run by highly experienced professionals in the Sustainable tourism industry with over twelve Years’ experience of taking groups to touring and trekking in the region of Cusco and Peru.
  2. Our Guides are all officially licensed and hold degrees in tourism. All guides speak English. Well trained bilingual tour leaders who live in the region.
  3. Small International groups.
  4. 100% Peruvian staff which will give you the opportunity to get to know many locals.
  5. 10% of our profits support our Community Projects benefited from your visit.
  6. We are recognized as an honest company paying taxes to the Peruvian state.
  7. We care about the environment and take many precautions to protect it.
  8. Brand new equipment (tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, etc).
  9. “Sunrise Peru Trek” is a licensed member of all Peruvian Tourism Institutions (we are a certified tour operator).
  10. Well-balanced food cooked by our chefs.

permits-certificates SUSTAINABLE TOURISM

“Sunrise Peru Trek”, since his foundation has been concerned for the right use of the natural resources and the protection of the ecology, training his employees to promote sustainable tourism in the region. We support the regulation program at Machu Picchu Inca Sanctuary which helps to preserve the site; we were the first company to support the porter’s law under the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu regulation program; This program placed restrictions of the maximum weight, now a porter is allowed to carry 20 kilos before was 50 kilos or more; Also this program considered a minimum salary increasing the pay to porters and life insurance, as well assuring that they are provided with warm clothes, proper equipment and sufficient food. We only allow a maximum of 12 people in a tour to assure your comfort and safety. We offer 1 licensed and highly recommended bilingual official tour guide for tours under 8 people (2 guides for tours with over 8 people) + 1 chef, 1 chef’s assistant, and 2 porters for every tourist.

At “Sunrise Peru Trek”, we offer attractive tours with affordable prices offering you a team of professionals in the field of leading travelers throughout all of Peru.


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