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Best travel and Local Tour operator based in the city of Cusco – Peru. Experience the Sunrise Peru Trek, the most popular cities in Peru and non-traditional routes escorted by professional and experienced guide.

Sunrise Peru Trek.- We like to present ourselves as innate travel enthusiasts who specialize in creating lifelong memories out of traveling. A homegrown company progressing towards carving its own niche, we have extended our travel expertise Through Peru.

Welcoming from the city of Cusco, we are eager to share the wonders of nature in this part of the world while supporting local communities in eco-friendly destinations. A dedicated team in the office complements the in-depth knowledge and experience of the destination team for the perfect execution of a trip. We understand that a trip is not only about successfully arriving at a dream destination, but also about being able to enjoy the journey and perhaps become a different person afterwards. When you book a trip with us, we become part of your adventure team, taking care of all the hassles and guiding you safely while letting you enjoy the whole experience.

We always seek the complete satisfaction of our clients and the consistency in our excellent execution of trips has forged a solid relationship of trust with our clients. We appreciate our satisfied customers who have expressed their satisfaction through positive feedback and recommendations.

Our speciality

We are the Expert tour operators and specific in Tailor-made itineraries, Special Occasion & Honeymoon vacation Trips, Wildlife tour, Trekking, hiking, Cultural Trips, Eco-friendly Trips. Our main purpose is making your trip the best experience. We have gathered tours and hotels with the best rates. But mostly we offer a quality service; therefore our staff is qualified and committed to make your trip an unforgettable experience.

We invite you to meet Peru and its wonderful destinations: Cusco, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu, Arequipa, Lake Titicaca, Nazca, Puerto Maldonado among other fantastic places waiting for you.

Here you’ll find that touring with a guide who knows and loves the country; will help educate you about Cusco, Machupicchu and Peru’s amazing history and culture; providing you with an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Our company emphasis is on providing a personal service and ensuring that everyone in the group returns satisfied.

Therefore; Book your best trip with Cusco Tours Online, and let our travel specialists give you the holiday of your dreams. What makes Cusco Tours Online unique and special is the fact, that each of our consultants has over 15 years of experience of handling and designing tours in Cusco, Machu Picchu and trough Peru.

Meet your dedicated Tour and walking specialists:

The Walks Worldwide team is made up of some of the most experienced people in the field of trekking and travel, and over the last twenty years we’ve earned our reputation for providing amazing walking adventures to exciting destinations around the world.

We are passionate trekkers and world travellers ourselves – our holidays are created for walking and trekking enthusiasts by walking and trekking enthusiasts – so we’re able to provide the best possible advice and practical assistance when helping you to plan your trip. Our professional team of travel experts based in Cusco – Peru is dedicated to providing a friendly, personal service. «Sunrise Peru Trek», is a company of travellers with a desire of sharing the world with others; is an adventure tour operator located in the heart of Cusco – Peru, the historic capital of the Inca Empire. The company was established in 1999 local guide with the aim of providing and operating quality tours and treks in the region of Cusco.

The rich diversity of traditions, adventures and mysteries makes Peru a fascinating country to visit; so, At «Sunrise Peru Trek» we have to create an authentic, sustainable travel experience like nothing the world had ever seen. For over twelve years, we have been creating personal itineraries that immerse our travelers in the vibrant colours of a place, leaving both our guests and hosts enriched by the experience. From our beginnings as an Inca Trail specialist, now we offer private journeys, small group tours, and expedition voyages throughout the region of Cusco and Peru.

At «Sunrise Peru Trek», you’ll find that touring with a guide who knows and loves the country will help educate you about Peru’s amazing history and culture, providing you with an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Our company emphasis is on providing a personal service and ensuring that everyone in the group returns satisfied. We is proud to have professional and experienced office staff, guides, chefs and Porters and Muleteers. We support the communities with our Community Projects by donating 10% of our profits.

We mainly support rural communities from where our porters, chefs and other employees come from. We also support small communities along the routes that we operate. We organize these projects in association with non-profit organizations. In the past we have received help from tourists who have donated second hand clothes, shoes, school equipment, etc. and were gave to different communities from the region of Cusco. If would like to be part of it please contact us to:

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