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Inti Raymi Tours in Peru

Experience Inti Raymi Tours & Packages with a Local Private Guide; all-inclusive Tours. The festival of the Sun celebrated in Cusco - Peru

Inti Raymi Tours is an Inca festival package where you’ll appreciate the most important festival in Peru, visit the historical city of Cusco and explore the iconic Machu Picchu. There are thousands of festivals, fairs and celebrations in Peru each year. All the major festivals of Peru are fascinating for the locals, but our experience has taught us that some are much more interesting for a visitor to experience, while other festivals, although extremely important to the natives, do not offer much of an opportunity for visitors to really experience the actual celebration.

The Inti Raymi Festival in the city of Cusco-Peru, is the best option to see the tradition, history and mysterious Inca sites built through the southern Peru. As a multi-cultural and multi-religious country, Cusco-Peru observes many festivals throughout the year especially in the winter during the month of June is celebrated the Inti Raymi. The Inti Raymi Festival celebrated in Cusco, is of great social, cultural and religious importance. They have been much helpful in keeping the people of diverse culture and nature united together. As a very important occasion of socialization, these festivals also give people the opportunity to relax and have fun but more important is their deep rooted respect to the culture and religion.

For the cultural enthusiasts from around the world, Inti Raymi Tours in Cusco can be the best destination to observe the diverse cultures and festivals. The festivals vary from community to community but the only same thing they give out to people is the rich cultural experience of the community and the feeling of being highly connected. You are invited to be part of the Inti Raymi festivals celebrated in Cusco and experience the local culture and feel yourself like a local for a while. Be part of the beautiful celebratory moments which you will cherish for your whole life.

The Inti Raymi Tours of the Incas in Cusco awaits you, reserve you tour now and learn more about the thousand-year-old “Cusquenian” celebrations in June and get ready to live an unforgettable experience.

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 Zona Naranja   US$ 240.00
 Zona Azul    US$ 240.00
 Zona Verde   US$ 185.00

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Inti Raymi day tour is celebrated Cusco - Peru, in honor to the GOD SUN. The celebration take place on 24th June in Sacsayhuaman at 2km from the city of Cusco.


Inti Raymi & Machu Picchu tour is a 5-Day Tour where you’ll visit the city of Cusco, Machu Picchu by train and witness the Festival of the Sun – Inti Raymi / June 24th


4-Day Inti Raymi & Machu Picchu is perfect for people interested in tradition culture and adventure. Experice the best of Cusco in Peru with private guide.

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Inti Raymi stage

For the Inti Raymi tours the institution in charge “EMUFEC -CUSCO” has divided in three settings the stage; and each of them with different prices, the better place to see the Inti Raymy Festival is the orange zone