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How To Arrive to Cusco

Learn More about how to arrive to cusco.

Cusco is located in the southern Peru at 3,400masl; actually has 350,000 inhabitants. With many interesting placed to visit.


  1. From Cusco’s airport there are several daily flights from / to Lima (approximate flight time, one hour).
  2. There are also flights from / to Arequipa, Juliaca (Puno – Lake Titicaca area), and Puerto Maldonado (Tambopata). Also flights Cusco – La Paz, Bolivia.
  3. Cusco’s airport (CUZ) is named “Teniente Alejandro Velasco Astete” Airport.
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 Terrestrial Way:

From Cusco city starts highways that goes through the south of the country reaching Lima – Nazca, Arequipa, and Puno, and continue to Desaguadero – Bolivia, this highways or roads connect with the Pan-American Highway.

  1. Highway Lima / Nazca / Cusco: Lap Lima – Nazca 460 Km. (286 miles) by Pan-American Highway and connect with road Nazca – Abancay – Cusco 705 Km (438 miles) – 19 hours aprox. by bus
  2. Highway or Train Cusco / Puno: Lap Cusco – Juliaca 345 Km. (214.4 miles); Lap Juliaca – Puno 44 Km. (27.3 miles); the highest point of this highway reaches the 4,313 meters above sea level (14,150 feet) – 7 hours aprox. by bus
  3. Highway Cusco / Arequipa: Passing through Juliaca, 625 Km. (388 miles)
  4. 10 hours approx. by bus.

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Communication Services in Cusco

Cusco counts with all the services available, telephone, mail, cable television, fax, connections to Internet and courier services.