Inti Raymi Tour full Day

Experience the INTI RAYMI TOUR FULL DAY in the city of Cusco – Peru, where you’ll learn about the Culture, history and tradition of the Incas!…

Inti Raymi Tour is a trip where you’ll participate from the most important Inca festival in the city of Cusco in Peru; it is celebrated on the 24th of June just after the winter solstice. During this festival the locals pray to the god “SUN” because is celebrated the beginning of the New Year; the fest also is symbolize the commencement of the new agricultural season. It is celebrated with utmost joy throughout the country. Similar to many other festivals in Peru, this festival also symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

The Inty Raymi Tour full Day is visited by hundreds of tourist from all over the world. The Festival is of great social, cultural and religious importance. It has been much helpful in keeping the people of diverse culture and nature united together. As a very important occasion of socialization, this festival also gives people an opportunity to relax.

Duration : 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

If you are planning to take a tour to this gorgeous and enigmatic country; we offer the best festival tour packages at amazing and unbelievable prices. If you also want to enjoy the beauty of Peru’s festival, then we are here with the best tour packages. We are glad to include in the tour the “orange Zone”; there are also others like: green and blue zones which are less expensive but NOT recommendable from our perspective.

Please Note: It is important to reserve in advance due to the spaces are limited.

The Inti Raymi
The Inti Raymi festival celebrated on the 24th of June in Cuso – Peru

Cost of the tour:

  • PRICE: US$ 240 – With Orange Zone
  • Type of service: Group service
  • Starting & end-point: Your Hotel in Cusco.
  • Departure date: 24 June 2019

Shrot itineray for Inti Raymi Tour Full Day

  • 08:30 – 09:00 Pick up from your hotel and transfer to Koricancha.
  • 09:00 – 09:30 Part 1 of the Inti Raymi celebration in Koricancha.
  • 09:30 – 10:00 Transfer from the Koricancha to the Plaza de Armas.
  • 10:30 – 11:30 Part 2 of the Inti Raymi celebration in the Plaza de Armas.
  • 12:30 – 13:00 Transfer by bus from the main square to Sacsayhuaman.
  • 13:30 – 15.30 Part 3 of the Inti Raymi celebration in Sacsayhuaman: Central part in which we will appreciate the rituals and sacrifice of the Flame.
  • 15:30 – 16:00 Transfer by bus from Sacsayhuaman to your hotel in the city of Cusco.

What is Inti Raymi?

The Inti Raymi or the Sun’s festival was the most important religious festival in the time of the Incas celebrated every shortest day of the year, with occasion of the beginning of the Agricultural Year.  The festival is performed in the city of Cusco with the presence of important authorities and people from different parts of the “Tawantinsuyu” or the land of the Incas. During the Inti raymi there are hundreds of participants wearing traditional attire, Singing and dancing the traditional Inca music.  During the Inti raymi there are hundreds of participants wearing traditional attire, Singing and dancing the traditional Inca music. 

After the Spanish conquest in 1532, the Catholic Church suppressed the ceremony and the Andean society that used to celebrate this festivity to the sun which was dismembered; since that the celebration of the Catholic Saint San James. The Inti Raymi was forgotten then, until half of the XX century when, as expression of a great movement of revaluation of the native culture in Peru, was returned to the scene.

you need to know fyIn 1944 a group of intellectuals and artists from Cusco headed by Cusco Historian “Humberto Vidal Unda” decided to recover the Inti Raymi of the History and to present it as a show of theatrical type, dedicated to the whole population of Cusco; From then on, it has been represented every year, getting rich and evolving for the historical investigation.

Inti Raymi Photos:


festival Tour
The Inca is been carried by his servants on his special chair up to Sacsayhuaman.
Inti Raymi
The Inca at “Inti Raymi Tour full Day” is greeting to the people in the main square of Cusco.
Inti Raymi
The ceremonial platform (Usnu) for the “Inti Raymi Tour full Day” in the esplanade of Sacsayhuaman.
Inti Raymi
The Inti Raymi festival in the main square of Cusco city
The Inca is greeting to the people in the esplanade of Sacsayhuaman at 3550masl.
The ceremony of Inti Raymi:


The INTI RAYMI festival is celebrated on June 24th of each year, the solemn evocation of the splendid Inca ritual takes place in the Inca fortress of “Sacsayhuaman” located at 3 km from the city of Cusco; with a renewed script and prepared by distinguished specialists in the field.

During the Inca times, one night before the INTI RAYMI festival the fires were extinguished in all the extension of the enormous Inca Empire (the Tahuantisuyo); and in the  great place Huacaypata (today Place of Weapons) all the most brilliant personages of the empire were concentrated. Among the shadows, the crowd awaited the appearance of the god “Inti” (sun) with great respect.

Generals, princes, and all the nobility waited in profound silence; many of them disguised as creatures and other animals of Andean mythology. When the sun appeared, they expressed their recognition of having him and adore him as a supreme, single and universal god, who with his light and virtue created and sustained all things on earth, thanking him for the harvests received during the year.

Settings for Inti Raymi:


The sceneries for the Inti Raymi Tour Full Day are three As we are described below:

1.- The first part of the Inti Raymi is performed in the “QORIKANCHA” or the temple of the Sun of the Incas; it is located at two blocks from the main square. The “Qoricancha” in the time of the Incas was totally covered with gold and silver; it was built by the Inca Pachacutec in the 1436. The Inti Raymi begins here at 09:00 a.m when the musicians and dancer starts to play the special Inca music; here the ceremony last for 45 minutes.

2.- The second part of the Inti Raymi takes place in the “Plaza de Armas” known as the “HAUQAYPATA” or the main square. The main square was most important site for the Incas and it was surrounded by very important buildings among them temples and palaces, one still can see nowadays some remains of that construction. Here the ceremony begins at 11:00 a.m and ends at 12:00a.m.

The most important part of the Inti Raymi Tour full day:

3.- The third and the most important setting are at “SAQSAYWAMAN” which is located at 3 km from the city of Cusco at an altitude of 3,560 masl. Here the celebration of Inti Raymi is divided in five acts. First of all, The Inca speaks in “Quechua” with Father Sun; then continues with the ceremony of the Coca a sacred leaf that people brought from the jungle; after that is performed the ceremony of the “Chicha” a sacred drink prepared of dry corn by the chosen women or the most beautiful girls of the Inca Empire; the “Chicha” contains an approximately 4% of natural alcohol.

The next ceremony is the ceremony of the fire; it’s said that three days before the Inti Inti Raymi everybody in the empire extinguished the fire until they get the new fire from the Inti Raymi ceremony and it has to be carried through the Inca Empire. The last act of the Inti raymi was the blood ceremony; for this the Incas performed a Black Llama sacrifices. During this sacrifice the high priest could predict the future for the agriculture and the life; the ceremony begins in Saqsaywaman 01:30 pm and it last for one hour and half.

Acts, ceremonies and rituals for the Inti Raymi:


  • Ceremonial Introduction
  • Report the army from the four regions: Qollasuyu, Kuntisuyu, Antisuyu and Chinchaysuyu.
  • Ritual of the sacred “Chicha” a corn drink made by the chosen women (the most beautiful girls of the Empire)
  • Ritual of the Holy Fire.
  • Sacrifice of the llama (Andean cameloid) and auguries.
  • Rite of the “Sankhu” (holy bread)
  • “Q’ochurikuy” ( Dances and music from all Peru )
Detailed Tour Itinerary:


The tour of Inti Raymi begins at 08:00 a.m when our staff picks you up from your hotel in Cusco; and then we walk to Qorikancha or the Temple of the Sun of the Incas, located in the Sun’s avenue at 1km from the main square of Cusco City; this temple was fully covered with gold and silver in the time of the Incas. In the Qorikancha is where the Inti Raymi will begin. Once in the place we’ll observe the Inty Raymi celebration from the street; here there aren’t reserved seats since it is open to everybody. The duration time will be for 45 minutes; in this place the “Sapa Inca” will give special greetings to the Sun considered especial and the most important god of the Incas.

Inquiry This Trip Now

The celebration continues in the main square of the city, to where we’ll walk for about 10 minutes, your guide will help you to find the best place from where you can see the festival. Here too the festival is open to everybody; therefore there aren’t reserved seats. During this part of the festival the “Sapa Inca” will speak with the mayor of Cusco where one of his helper will interpreted the “Quipu” (An especial string of the Incas). The party is complemented by musicians and dancers from different regions of Peru. At the end of this scene you’ll receive your box lunch.

The main part of the Inti Raymi

After the celebration of the Inti Raymi in the main square the most important part of the celebration take place in the sacred site of Sacsayhuaman located at 3 km from the city of Cusco to where you’ll be transported in our tourist bus; during the journey your guide will explain you all details of the Inti Raymi. Once you arrive to Sacsayhuaman you’ll need to show the permits and the tickets for the zone that you booked.

The celebration begins at 1:30 pm; here the “Sapa Inca” will give offerings to the Father Sun in order to ask for better production of the farms and better healthy. The offering consists in the ceremony of Coca leafs, the ceremony of Sacred and new fire, the ceremony of the “Chicha” and the last will be the ceremony of the Sacred Blood, where the sacrifice of the black Llama will be performed.

Inquiry now

After all you’ll take the same bus and return to Cusco; in addition you’ll be transferred to your Hotel; you’ll feel satisfied for appreciating the most important Inca festival. Just remember that all of that happen 500 years ago and all speaks will be in “Quechua” the official language of the Incas; therefore is very important a guide with Quechua, English and Spanish speaking.

Inti Raymi Questions:


¿what is the Inti Raymi festival?

The Inti Raymi festival is the most important Inca region festival celebrated in the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere

¿when and where is celebrated?

The Inti Raymi is celebrated every 24th of June in the city of Cusco in Peru; in the month of June in Cusco we are in the high tourist season, therefore is important to reserve your hotels and tours in advance

Are the Inti Raymi Entrance fees included in the tour cost?

The costs of the entrance for the Inti Raymi are different; in the Sacsaywaman stage you’ll find three zones which are identified by colors: the orange, Blue and green. “Sunrise Peru Trek” includes the entrances to the orange zone which are the best place from where you can observe the Celebration of the Inti Raymi. The tickets normally are bought several weeks in advance because the seats are limited

How Do I Plan My Tour?

It is simple with us. You may get details of well-designed tour packages in our digital brochure. If want a particular tailor made tour, let us know your requirements and we can help you designing your trip keeping in mind your specifications and budget.

How Can I Book My Tour with You?

If you are interested in booking any of our tours, you may, you may simply send us an email giving us your details.

How to reserve


To reserve the Inca festival of Inti Raymi is very important the personal details (Name, passport umber, Hotel In the city of Cusco, etc.) and also you need indicated the preference color of the stage (Blue, green or orange); we normally recommended the orange zone because is closer to the main altar where is performed the ceremony.

Is highly recommended to reserve in advance, since the spaces are limited and for this festival arrive to Cusco many tourists from Peru and also from different part of the world. The festival of the Inti Raymi is performed only on the 24th of June in the city of Cusco.

Tips for Inti Raymi:


The Inca Festival of Inti Raymi was established by the ninth Inca named “Tupac Inca Yupanki” but was change his name as the “Inca Pachacutec”, who was one of the greatest conquerors in the empire. Pachacutec took the small kingdom centered on Cusco and built it into a massive empire that stretched across the Andes.

His kingdom was from 1438 to 1471 and during this time he celebrate his accomplishments and solidify his position as the son of Inti (Sun), he threw the first Inti Raymi celebration alongside his wife, who symbolized the legendary Mama Ocllo. To appreciate the Inti raymi at better way is important the following tips:

  • GET THERE EARLY: Locals show up hours in advance at Santo Domingo Church, the Plaza de Armas, and Sacsayhuaman to secure an optimal place for viewing the procession.
  • Travelers also have the option of buying tickets to sit in the viewing stands at Sacsayhuaman (through the government agency EMUFEC or through a travel Agency)
  • Careful for pickpockets! The streets get crowded in Cusco for Inti Raymi. Guard your electronics, leave nothing in your pockets, and if you have a small backpack we recommend you keep a watchful eye on it.
  • Weather and what to wear: Although Cusco weather is unpredictable, late June days are usually sunny and it’s important to be equipped with sun protection (sunscreen, hat, light long sleeve shirt) and to keep hydrated in order to avoid the worst effects of a hot day at altitude.
  • Book in advance everything you can: June is the high season for Cusco and you can expect accommodations, train tickets to Machu Picchu and treks to fill up early and fast. Some Cusco hotels charge higher rates for Inti Raymi; speak to your travel advisor for the latest information.
Buy your Inti Raymi Tickets.


The Inti Raymi (The festival of the Sun) is one of the top tourist attractions when visiting Cusco, Peru during the last week of June. Since the festival is only one day per year, on June 24th, and tickets are limited, most travelers want to secure their tickets well in advance. However, buying Inti Raymi tickets online is confusing to many travelers.




So, the institution in charge will set up a gallery of seats just for this ceremony; therefore, your seats in the “Orange zone”, must be reserved in advance, because is considered the best ones from where you can enjoy better this festival.

The Inti Raymi location

See in this Map the location of the inti Raymi festival


  • Pick-up from your hotels
  • Ceremonies at Qoricancha and Hauqaypata (Cusco’s main square).
  • Official tour guide english / spanish.
  • Admission fee (with reserved seat in Saqsawaman) orange zone
  • Private Transport in and return
  • Experienced English-Spanish Tour Guide
  • Packed lunch (Vegetarian meals by request)


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