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Useful Information

Useful Information before visit the city of Cusco at 3,400masl

Health and Vaccination:

useful Information

Before travelling to Peru especially if you want to go to the jungle, you must get a yellow fever vaccination, obtain adequate health insurance and consult your doctor about the necessary immunization regions in the Peruvian jungle. In the Manu, Tambopata, Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado area you should consider taking anti-malarial pills and a yellow fever shot is mandatory. Again, consult your personal physician. Cholera vaccinations are not necessary. Most cities have doctors who speak English and other European languages. There are also, many private clinics. Before your arrival, «SUNRISE PERU TREK» needs to know about any medical restrictions or medications you may need. Travellers with bad heart conditions, respiratory problems or high blood pressure must consult their doctors before travelling, as the city of Cusco is situated at an altitude over 3,400 meters above sea level. We recommend that each traveller bring their own basic medical kit.

Peru Weather

useful-informationThe climate in Peru varies according to time and place and on the coast we have almost never rains, this is characterized by the dense fog and light rains between May and November producing coolness, although the average annual temperature ranges from 14 º C and 18 º C.
We recommend that you visit this area in the summer months between December and April, as the humidity falls and the sun shines brightly.
We invite you to know the Peruvian highlands and the jungle but you have to know that there is a dry season and optimal for the traveller who is between May and October, season with abundant sunny days and rainy days we can find it between December and March.
We recommend you visiting the mountains and having a cool, dry weather most of the year, with an average temperature between 9ºC and 18ºC, while the jungle has a tropical climate with temperatures between 26ºC and 40 º C.


Drinking tap water is not advisable in Peru. Bottled water is that you must use to drink. Water is available in most hotels and stores all over Peru. 3-4 liters of water per day is enough to avoid dehydration which can be a real problem in high altitudes like Cusco. Other ways, you can avoid parasites is to boil and/or filter water or add purification tablets.