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Terms and Conditions of our Tours & Treks to Machu Picchu

1. Company/Us and Traveler/You

SPT Travel & Tours Company is registered under the laws of the Peruvian government and accepts your reservations under the following terms and conditions. We encourage you to know the equipment and conditions for Tours, trips and trekking in Peru. To send the travel, tour and trekking reservation, you must enter into a terms and conditions agreement between the client and Passages SPT Travel & Tours located in Cusco Peru.


  • SPT Travel & Tours will be mentioned in this document by the company/us and
  • The Client will be referred to here as hiker, vacationer, traveler, adventurer, mountaineer/you.

2. Means of travel.

The word travel means all the activities you do in Peru like traveling, trekking, hiking, mountaineering, and adventure activities like rafting, jungle safaris, bungee jumping, etc.

3. Deposit, reservation and payment

The word reservation means modification of the fulfillment of the trip between you and the company. When your reservation is in accordance, you must send us the copy of your passport photo and a deposit means 20% of the total amount to be paid as an advance payment for the reservation of a ticket for the trip if necessary, the accommodation in the hotel and the trekking.  issue permit. process. The customer can use any way to pay us. Payment means that the remaining payment can be made after your arrival in Peru before the start of the trip.

NOTE: Clients can attach the required photos and a photocopy of the passport by mail or fax.

4. Cancellation policy:

If you cancel your travel reservation after depositing your advance payment for any reason, the following percentage will be charged at the time of cancellation:

  • If you cancel the trip 30-20 days before the departure date of the trip, your deposited money will not be refundable or 40% of the total budget of the agreement will be deducted.
  • If you cancel the trip within 24 hours before the departure date of the trip: 100% (non-refundable)

NOTE: If you postpone your trip for any reason, you must notify us as soon as possible by email or direct phone. And it will be easier for us to arrange the next trip if you inform us before one week.

5. Travel insurance

Travelers/trekkers mostly have travel insurance to cover accidental illness and emergency evacuation in case you need a rescue. It is essential that you obtain adequate holiday insurance before joining any of the travel packages. We strongly recommend that you use an insurance package from a reliable insurance company in your country.

  • NOTE: Emergency Rescue Helicopter Evacuation Coordination Service (this is for clients’ emergencies only, but all clients are responsible for paying the cost of helicopter evacuation, if necessary). Necessary travel insurance which should cover the cost of helicopter evacuation if required)

6. Risk and Liability

SPT Travel & Tours has been oriented to fulfill all the wishes of the clients. We carry out our functions with honesty and seriousness so that your trip is unforgettable and memorable forever. However, SPT Travel & Tours will not be held responsible for any itinerary changes due to various reasons, such as unavoidable circumstances such as landslides, road blockages, floods, snow, political unrest, cancellations, flight arrival delays, illness or accidents cases. Each client must have their own insurance that adequately covers medical expenses and personal rescue.

NOTE: The trail or route may be adjusted when your packages change. But that has to sit down with your guide or a phone call to the office.

7. Responsibility

  • We reserve the right to refuse the trip if it causes inconvenience or frustration to other travelers/excursionists creating difficulties that would hinder the smooth running of the trip.
  • We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to baggage or personal effects, or any consequential loss.
  • If a traveler/trekker is injured or becomes ill, all costs of evacuation and hospitalization, medical expenses are the responsibility of the traveler/trekkers. SPT Travel & Tours will not be responsible for any refund of the tour price.
  • It is the responsibility of the traveler/trekkers to have valid passports and visas, as well as the equipment that may be required for the selected tour/trek/expedition. We do not accept any responsibility for the inability to obtain such visas for any reason, and we do not accept responsibility for passports or documents left with us for this purpose.