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Cusco Responsible Tourism

Earth is our homeland and responsible tourism is the way to go!!!….

We understand «Responsible Tourism» as all about helping to share some of the benefits of tourism with local people without causing negative effects on either the environment or their culture.

Local people can benefit from tourism by means of getting an increased salary which, if managed correctly, can be used to improve standards of education, improved diet and access to medical treatment. Responsible travellers can help people in many of the poorest mountain communities of Peru by following some of the guidelines for low-impact, culturally sensitive and environmentally friendly travel.

Responsible travel is not only respecting local people and the environment, it’s about travelling with your eyes and ears open and making sure your visit has a positive social, environmental and economic impact.

Before you go

  • We recommend you to learn something about the countries you want to visit: culture, religion, geography, politics and local customs we recommend to get a travel guide such as: Lonely Planet guides or hand book. They are very useful before and during your staying.
  • Try to speak at least a few words of Spanish. You will make a big impression by doing it and it’s also a show of respect and interest on your part.

While you are there.

  • Respect local customs, traditions and culture always ask before photographing local people.
  • Pay special attention while attending church and religious ceremonies.
  • Try to support the local economy by buying local products for your grocery needs and locally produced handicrafts.
  • Never buy products made from endangered species such as coral, shells, feathers, leather or ancient artifact.
  • Don’t be obsessed with getting the lowest price when haggling. A few pence to you may be a bid deal for the seller.


If you are planning to hike Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, you must know that since 2008 the Peruvian government have limited the numbers of visitors in only 500 visitors, this included 200 tourists and 300 porters. These permits are required for the Classic 4-day trek to Machu Picchu, the shorter 2-day trek and the 7-day trek via Salkantay. The Inca Trail permits for trek departures in March to December 2013 will not go on sale until around mid-January 2013 (exact date has yet to be announced) but we highly recommend that you still make a booking with the trekking company of your choice as soon as you can. The way of the trek permits are released to the licensed tour operators is slightly complicated. Approximately two weeks before the trek permits go on sale all the tour operators have to submit to the government a full list of all their clients’ names and passport numbers. The permits are then issued on a lottery basis so that all companies have an equal chance of getting the permits. Only clients with their names on this initial list will be issued with permits (dependent upon availability) so this is a good reason to make your booking 3 to 4 months before.

Recently was improved the regulation to Machu Picchu, for day trips tourist with 2,500 people a day, these are include the 500 visitors of the Inca Trail, which means that only 2,000 tourists can visit Machu Picchu a day.

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